Message from the President

Michelle Hornberger, FACHE, MHSA

I’d like to start off by congratulating all of you for making it to November 2020…..Q4…the last quarter in a year that cannot end quickly enough. A year that was anything but normal. We started 2020 with such high expectations and then, the downward spiral started just mere weeks into January when Wuhan, China went into lockdown and we witnessed the tragic death of Kobe & Gianna Bryant, along with six others.

We have been spiraling like no other time in our lives, yet with all the sadness and loss, there have been many silver linings. We have experienced innovation and ingenuity at rapid speed. Our lives have been transformed by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and perhaps most importantly by telehealth. The transition to virtual care was almost immediate enabling access to care for so many patients.


This is the ‘next normal’ for the delivery of care for the foreseeable future, now that telehealth has (finally) gone mainstream. It may be better to reference this as our new existence, and even this will be in constant change. Jason Wolf from The Beryl Institute did a nice job defining our new existence as, “a way of living and being, driven by survival and a commitment to do what is right and true.”


Our new existence is driving a new patient experience, one sure to have more challenges as well as more advantages. Talking to your doctor from the comfort of your own home in the middle of February does have its perks. As you read through this newsletter, you will learn about more efforts to collaborate, innovate and elevate the evolving patient experience.


I invite you to visit MCACHE’s website to register for upcoming educational events with an opportunity to earn Face-to-Face credit, as well as ACHE’s Learning Center for additional programming.


Thank you for your engagement with MCACHE and your commitment to serving our healthcare community this past year. I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy holiday season with your family and friends.

Michelle Hornberger, MHSA, FACHE
President, MCACHE 

MCACHE stands committed to providing for the fair and equitable treatment of all people, in our communities, regardless of race, social-economic status, religious or political affiliations. Our times as leaders is now, to be part of the solutions, and use our collective voice and resources to advocate for innovative and sustainable change. 

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