Message from the President

Christine Stesney-Ridenour, MBA, FACHE

Greetings –

As I near the end of my term as Chapter President, I want to thank Gwen Parker for her guidance as Immediate Past President and congratulate Michelle Hornberger as she takes the reigns in January, as the new Chapter President.  I also want to thank the MCACHE Board for their support as well.   This year has been both professionally and personally enriching for me.  A special thanks to Susan Stokes, our MCACHE Administrative Assistant, who works diligently to guide our organization from “behind the scenes” and is truly the one consistent source of information and history for all of us. Susan, your work is greatly appreciated.





It is also with pleasure that I was asked to say a few words regarding the theme of this newsletter, nurse advancement into leadership.


According to a 2018 survey of the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst Insights Council, most of the 700 respondents indicated they believe that nurse leaders are equal to physician leaders in their abilities to deliver care. I was disappointed to learn that there are still common barriers that nurses face, such as gender bias when they pursue professional advancement.  The survey also reported that nurses still comprise only 25 percent of leadership roles or less, at more than half of health care organizations surveyed.1


Of the 2.9 million nurses in the U.S. today, 55 to 60% are bachelor’s prepared and about 13% have an advanced degree, and the numbers continue to climb.  Whether a clinician chooses an MBA, MSN, DNP or equivalent, I hope that we can continue to support nursing advancement in a broad range of business, teaching, and administrative roles.  I am happy to add that nurse executives make up 10% of the MCACHE membership. I encourage our members to reach out to your nursing colleagues; ask them about their career path, tell them about our organization, talk about our FACHE credential and invite them to an event.  It will continue to strengthen MCACHE as an organization in the future.


In closing, my sincerest thanks to everyone for a great year and I appreciate the opportunity to have served in this role as Chapter President. 


1Swensen, S. MD, MMM, FACR, Robel, S., RN, BSN, MHA, NEA-BC, CPXP, Leadership Survey: Nurses as Leaders: Broad Acceptance, Room to Grow, NEJM Catalyst, December 6, 2018


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