Message from the President

Christine Stesney-Ridenour, MBA, FACHE

Happy Spring and I hope everyone has had a chance to start enjoying the warmer weather!

I had the pleasure of attending the MCACHE program “Fostering inclusion of LGBTQ patients and the Healthcare Workforce” on April 14th, sponsored by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This program focused on the many challenges the the LGBTQ patients, and those that they identify as family, face in the health care. There was also thought-provoking discussion about how we as health care leaders can make a difference by adopting changes through education, daily practice and policy. After disĀ­cussion with several MCACHE members in attendance at the program about where many of our organizations are in this journey, I realized we have a lot of work to do. According to the Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) 2018 report, over 600 hospitals and health care facilities have moved toward providing culturally competent and responsive care (that is inclusive of the needs of the LGBTQ population) focused on implementing higher-level best practice and policies. Only 14 of those facilities just mentioned are in Michigan.



MCACHE is always looking for more involvement in all its committees, and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is no exception. So, let us know if you are interested in being a part of helping this committee make a difference.



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