2017 MCACHE Board 

Nancy Susick, MSN,
Beaumont Health – Troy

Past President:
Denise Brooks-Williams, FACHE
Vice Treasurer:
Michelle Hornberger, FACHE
Shawn Levitt, BSN, MHSA, RN, FACHE, CPHQ
By-Laws Chair:
Robert J. Yellan, FACHE
Career Development Chair:
Ellie Heinrich, FACHE
Communications Council Chair: Terri Gocsik
Membership Council Chair:
Rick Hillbom, FACHE
Program Council Chair:
Dan Riina, FACHE
Sponsorship Committee Chair:
Jacqlyn Smith
Sponsorship Committee Vice Chair:
Bryan Wickersham
Student Activities Council Chair:
Denise Fair, MPH, FACHE
Emerging Healthcare Leaders Chair:
Tim Burns
Ohio Local Program
Council Representative
Katie Perkins, MBA
Ohio Local Program
Council Representative
Vice Chair:
Ed Treft
Diversity & Inclusion Liaison:
Barbara Rossman
At-Large Member:
Paula Autry, FACHE
At-Large Member:
Irita Matthews, JD
At-Large Member:
Lacey Sapkiewicz
At-Large Member:
Luanne Thomas-Ewald, FACHE
At-Large Member:
John W. Fick, FACHE

Gwen Parker, MD, FACHE
Sr. Medical Director of PPO
and Care Management
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI


Mason Dixon, FACHE

Vice Treasurer:
Branden Hill
Derk Pronger, FACHE
By-Laws Vice Chair:
Thomas M. Brisse, FACHE
Career Development Vice Chair:
Christine Stesney-Ridenour, FACHE
Communications Council Vice Chair:
Erika Arndt
Membership Council Vice Chair:
Jim Aldrich, FACHE
Program Council Vice Chair:
Jacqueline L. Wood, FACHE
Sponsorship Committee Vice Chair:
Patrick Kelly
Student Activities Council Vice Chair:
Angela DeLaere
Emerging Healthcare Leaders Vice Chair:
Almir Karamovic, CHFP
Ohio Local Program
Council Representative
Vice Chair:
Mark Somodi, PhD, FACHE
Student Representative:
Daniel Gessel
At-Large Member:
Michelle Hornberger, FACHE
At-Large Member:
Barbara Rossman
At-Large Member:
Shannon Striebich
At-Large Member:
Mary Zuckerman, FACHE
At-Large Member:
Brian Madison, FACHE

ACHE’s Chapter Management and Awards Program ensure the delivery of high-quality services to ACHE members and other health care executives at the local level. ACHE designed this program to provide chapter performance incentives and acknowledge outstanding accomplishments based on objectively measured results.

Since its inception, MCACHE has received numerous awards:



ACHE Award for Sustained Performance ACHE Award of Chapter Distinction


ACHE Award of Chapter Distinction


ACHE Regent Award


ACHE Regent Award ACHE Award of Chapter Distinction


ACHE Award for Chapter Merit


ACHE Chapter of the Year Recognition