Message from the President

David T. Brooks, MHSA, FACHE

David T. Brooks, MHSA, FACHE
President, 2022 MCACHE 

I hope everyone has had a good summer to date and has had the chance for some relaxing and enjoyment of our Michigan outdoors. And since it is Michigan, snow, sleet, and ice are around the corner, so you better enjoy the warm temps while you can! Of course, with the colder temps does mean Red Wing hockey is around the corner as well so I guess that’s a good thing.


I can’t tell you how excited I am about working with our MCACHE Board, our Emerging Leaders, and our Program Committee planning for upcoming events that are going to be in person. Yes, safe, but in person! (And personally, I am counting on the old cliché about the camera adding 10 pounds being true so when colleagues and friends see me live next to them, they remark how I must have lost weight since I look sooo good.)


You’ll have the chance to say that to me yourself if you join us at one of our upcoming events which include the Emerging Leaders Summit at Ford Field on September 14; our networking events at the Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck in late August, the reception with the animals (no puns) at the Toledo Zoo in late September, and lastly, our two-day ACHE Educational Program at Henry Center at MSU in Lansing in mid-October. We will also have our annual meeting in early November which is planned to place at The Dearborn Inn, like the good old days. Details will follow but it will be a special educational program along with our business meeting and award ceremony.


Our MCACHE Board will also be together in early September to conduct our annual strategic planning work looking at 2023 and beyond. We’ve held the planning sessions for the past two years virtually and as many of you know in your own organizations, you lose so much of the valuable dialog and insights via video that I am actually looking forward to flip charts, stick ‘em notes and dot voting. If you have any input, ideas, recommendations, feedback or critiques on MCACHE, our programs, events, membership activities, and other planning, please make sure you pass them along (davidtbrooks@comcast.net) so I can make sure we take them into account as we work through the process.


Please do enjoy the rest of the summer with friend and family. Be safe and be energized for a full and productive Fall.

MCACHE stands committed to providing for the fair and equitable treatment of all people, in our communities, regardless of race, social-economic status, religious, or political affiliations. Our time as leaders is now, to be part of the solutions, and use our collective voice and resources to advocate for innovative and sustainable change. 

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