Message from the President

David T. Brooks, MHSA, FACHE

Mind-Body-Spirit.  Not a new concept. Sometimes a way to reground oneself in balance. In mindfulness. In introspection. In connectivity. Sometimes a way to coach a colleague or a loved one suffering through some challenging times. Show compassion. Show support. Sometimes even an advertising slogan. Or a tagline. Nothing new here. Maybe even a pretty common phrase and a common philosophy.
But as Mark Twain was quoted saying, “I’ve found that common sense is not so common.” With the challenges and pressures particularly over the last couple of years, as leaders for both ourselves as well as our teams and staff, we need to not forget the balance of all three parts of the phrase.
Because of this recognition and importance, our programming and development offer education on all three parts – mind, body, and spirit. And that is both through our national sponsor, the ACHE, along with what MCACHE has and will bring. Please be sure to take advantage of it all and maybe prioritize any one part of the three where might feel most in need. As our programming ramps us with both virtual sessions along with the reemergence of in-person sessions, I am very confident over the next year or so there will be excellent options for you.
One shameless plug is a tease about what the Emerging Leaders have planned. Following up on the wonderful 2019 session at the Durfee Innovation Society, the EL will be holding a summit titled “Leading As Your Best Self” at Ford Field in September that promises to be a benchmark event for us all. Besides keynote speakers, panels, Face-to-Face credits, and wonderful opportunities to learn in person as professionals, there will be a number of social and networking chances to reacquaint ourselves with our friends and colleagues. More details will be coming but please consider this session as your way to reemerge back to safe in-person learning and development. And to work on our mind-body-spirit.
And be looking as well for promotions for other opportunities to learn and develop. And some for networking and socializing with your peers.
David T. Brooks, MHSA, FACHE
President, 2022 MCACHE 

MCACHE stands committed to providing for the fair and equitable treatment of all people, in our communities, regardless of race, social-economic status, religious, or political affiliations. Our time as leaders is now, to be part of the solutions, and use our collective voice and resources to advocate for innovative and sustainable change. 

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